Steven Rayan

March 16: Steven Rayan

Time: 3 pm Eastern/noon Pacific Title: Geometry from quantum matter and quantum matter from geometry Abstract: Geometry is inseparable from the visual world. We have come to understand, however, that nature leverages geometry at other length scales. In particular, the last decade has seen the dawn of a new age of “quantum matter” in which …

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October 20: Laura Taalman

Title: Coding and Software for Mathematical 3D Printing Abstract: Using 3D modeling software and code we can create parametric designs that represent complex mathematical objects. In this talk we’ll take a tour of accessible and (mostly) free design programs that are particularly suited for creating geometric and algorithmic designs, including OpenSCAD, Mathematica, Topmod, and Grasshopper. …

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September 10: Jayadev Athreya

Title: What is research in mathematics? Abstract: What does it mean to create/discover new mathematics? How does one get involved in this process? We’ll discuss this via a couple of examples: no background needed, and there will be *lots* of pictures! Bio: Jayadev Athreya co-founded the Illinois Geometry Lab, and directed it from 2011 to …

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