News And Events

July 16-17, 2020:
The third bi-annual GLU conference will be held at ICERM in Providence, RI. Support is provided by the George Mason University and ICERM.

January 2019:
GLU hosted a session at the Joint Mathematics Meeting on “Geometry Labs United: Research, Visualization, and Outreach“. The session featured talks by representatives of each lab, as well as a panel on starting and running a lab. Slides from the presentations are available below.

For additional information on starting a lab, please see the Mason Experimental Geometry Lab “Start Your Own Lab” and FAQ.

October 2019:
GLU was featured in the AMS Notices article “Geometry Labs United: An Invitation“. If you are interested in starting a lab or joining our network, please take a look at the FAQ and send us an email at

August 2017:
The second bi-annual GLU conference was held at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, in August 2019.

August 2015:
The first GLU conference was held at the University of Illinois in Urbana, IL, August 28-30, 2015. (Conference website no longer available.)

July 2012:
Read about the Geometry Labs in a Scientific American column “Deep Spaces: Geometry Labs Bring Beautiful Math to the Masses“.