October 20: Laura Taalman

Title: Coding and Software for Mathematical 3D Printing
Abstract: Using 3D modeling software and code we can create parametric designs that represent complex mathematical objects. In this talk we’ll take a tour of accessible and (mostly) free design programs that are particularly suited for creating geometric and algorithmic designs, including OpenSCAD, Mathematica, Topmod, and Grasshopper.
Bio: Laura Taalman is a Professor of Mathematics at James Madison University whose published research has included algebraic geometry, knot theory, and games. Also known as “mathgrrl”, Dr. Taalman is a computational designer who leverages a diverse toolbox of 3D design software and technical materials to create elegant and aesthetic realizations of idealized mathematical objects. She is a Project NExT Fellow, a recipient of the Alder Award, Trevor Evans Award, and SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award, and has been featured on Thingiverse, Adafruit, and Science Friday.