GLU leadership
Jayadev Athreya, University of Washington
Benjamin Antieau, University of Illinois at Chicago
Harrison Bray, University of Michigan
William Goldman, University of Maryland at College Park
Marianne Korten, Kansas State University
Sean Lawton, George Mason University
Chris Mannon, University of Kentucky
Anton Lukyanenko, George Mason University
Arindam Roy, UNC Charlotte
Katherine Stange, University of Colorado, Boulder
Jeremy Tyson, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

GLU alumni achievements
Ethan Rarity (MEGL): Co-author of The Smallest Self-dual Embeddable Graphs in a Pseudosurface, published in Missouri J. Math. Sci. (2018).
Stephanie Mui (MEGL): First Place AMS Menger Award at the 2016 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.
Austin Alderete (MEGL): 2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship recipient.
Samuel Cavazos (EAGL): 2013 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship recipient, co-author of E-polynomial of SL(2,C)-Character Varieties of Free groups, published in Internat. J. Math. (2014).